Friday, 8 August 2008

Training update

Dragged myself out for a run tonight around the block, which was good, as it was definitely one of those times where I was talking myself out of doing it. Still, I knew that I wouldn't be doing anything tomorrow and with a game on Sunday it was a prime chance to get a run in. The fact that GF is only around the corner (15 days) was also another thing playing on my mind.

Done a low HR session, doing the larger of my normal laps around the block (6.86km). Limited the HR to 160bpm and actually stuck to it tonight, which I hadn't really been doing the last few runs. Felt good throughout, doing the distance in 45m 43s, which is 6m 40s \ km pace.

Looking back over my training log, this is actually the first time I've done this route non-stop, so technically its a PB. That said, I have done it faster using a run\walk strategy, but I guess given the aim of this session was endurance, I can't complain too much.

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