Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Another mammoth session

As Wednesday is my traditional Gael Force specific training day (football seems to get in the way every other day) and there are only three Wednesdays left before Gael Force, it was back into action after a week off for another mammoth GF training session.

I hadn't done anything in a week, due to a GAA club fundraiser last Wednesday and coming down with a bout of the cold Thursday to Monday. Then, I'd no football boots to go training last night and got drenched when I went down to give a hand out.

Also, its probably worth a quick reminder of my last mammoth session while we're here (just to gloat a bit)...14km run followed by a 40km cycle - total time 3hrs 20m. Tonight I planned a more modest 5km run + 20km cycle + 5km run, the first run bike to replicate the GF a bit (I knew I'd struggle with daylight on the cycle so had to cut these down a bit) and the last run just to push the endurance side of things.

In the end, for the 5km runs I done my small lap around the block, which is a regular training route for me. Its actually something like 5.8km or so, which is good that its long rather than short (no short-cuts in GF). I'm happy enough with the paces as well, which were 6.39min/km and 6.57 min/km respectively.

As for the cycle, done 27.6km in 1h 8m (avg 24.3kmph) with an average cadence of 86.5rpm. Not the fastest I've ever done, but this session wasn't really about speed. Cadence was a bit on the low side as well, will try to work on that in the next week or two.

Only one more big session left before GF (will be resting on the last Wednesday), who knows what I'll do.

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