Thursday, 28 August 2008

Speed Training

After getting over Gael Force at the weekend, I've decided to focus on some speed work over the next few weeks. This is main as we're coming to the business end of the GAA season and a bit of pace probably wouldn't go astray.

To that end, I'm planning on doing two speed sessions a week, one over shorter distances (say 10-20s all out with 1m recovery) to replicate football type sprints and one longer session (also called Tempo sessions) to get the legs used to going at a faster pace.

I'll be ignoring the HR during these sessions, so that'll be interesting. I also hope to get one "long" run in per week as well, but that'll depend on other things.

Done the first "short" session last night, a 2km warmup followed by 10 sets of (10s sprint + 1m recovery (30s walking + 30s jog)). It was a tough enough session and was glad to get it over with. Warmdown was the 2km run back, which I treated as a tempo \ fartlek run.

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