Monday, 18 August 2008

Long time no post...

Haven't updated the blog in about a week, mainly because I've been pretty busy doing nothing. Had some visitors last week which distracted me from training for a few days.

The sum total of my training since my last post was one GAA training session and a 10km training run on Friday evening. Had planned on going for a cycle on Saturday, but laziness got the better of me (and eating at the wrong times if I'm totally honest).

Another thing to fall by the wayside was the HundredPushups challenge. Will get back onto this tonight, with Week 2 Day 1.

Had a game on Sunday which was tough enough, but overall, a pretty easy week. We're into the last week before Gael Force (on this Saturday), so just tapering down at the moment. Went for a 10km walk this evening to loosen the legs and can't imagine the rest of the week getting much more strenuous.

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