Thursday, 12 June 2008

Should have stayed in bed

Went for a cycle at lunch yesterday with one of the lads from the office. Went well enough, and had the bright idea of leaving the car at work last night and cycling home, thereby forcing me to cycle into work this morning. Great idea in theory.

In practice, it worked out somewhat differently. Got home last night to be told that that weather forecast for this morning was rain. Woke up, looked outside straight away and seen the ground was dry. By the time I was ready to go however, the heavens had opened up...a serious deluge of water.
So I figured, in for a penny, in for a pound and hopped onto the bike. Went the way I was planning, about 25km's incorporating a fair chunk of the route I done at lunch yesterday. The direct cycle to work is about 7km for comparison.

The aim for the cycle this morning was just an easy cycle...keep the HR around 140bpm and the cadence as high as possible (at least 70rpm). Happy to say, I done both (139bpm & 77.9rpm). On the section of the route that overlapped between today and yesterday, 39mins vs 42 mins for the 16km's or so.

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