Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Race Report: Dorney Dash 2008

I entered this race at the last minute, the main reason being that I done it last year. Didn't really have any aims for it, which I think was a mistake given the outcome. I was actually slower than last year, by a good two minutes and roughly five minutes slower than the London 10k a few weeks ago. I just didn't seem to have it in me on the morning.

I was really struggling over the first two km, and stopped pretty much on the 2km mark. I knew it was going to be a mistake, but still had to stop. From then on, I was into a walk\run strategy. I initially aimed to keep my HR around the 155bpm - 160bpm mark, but found that my pace was pretty slow. So I then changed tact and went for an all-out burst followed by a rest. That strategy actually seemed to make me some ground on my peers.

However, I really found that tough towards the end. It was a glorious day and its a pity I didn't really enjoy the race that much. I had to talk myself out of quitting on a few occassion but thankfully got through it. Oh well, no doubt I'll do the race again next year.

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