Saturday, 21 June 2008

Last week or so

Spent last weekend up in the lake district, doing a few walks. Lovely spot, would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Stayed in a nice B&B, which again would totally recommend. Done most of the walking on the Sunday and Monday, about 6 hours each day. First of the days was pretty hilly, while the second was more undulating.

Rest of the week was taken up with two cycles and a gaelic training. Done 50km cycle on Wednesday night, which I'm quite happy with. First 30km or so was done with two of the lads from here that are doing gael force. They went off for a run and I just continued on with the cycle. I actually haven't done any running lately, but plan on doing a week of thirty minute runs next week on top of anything else.

Then today, done a cycle at lunch with one of the lads from work. Started off slow enough, as we were going through town, but picked up the pace and came home with a respectable 26kmph average. My cadence is up as well these days, seem to be averaging around 84rpm, so hopefully going to bump that up a little bit in the next few weeks.

Got a game tomorrow. Hopefully goes well.

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