Friday, 19 April 2013

Bad week - for a reason (kinda)

Not done anything this week - initially due to laziness but then down to a work related injury. I was down in our Canary Wharf office on Tuesday, on the 38th Floor. There were rumours of a fire drill which unfortunately came through - typical. I didn't think it'd be a problem despite what people were saying - just figured they were exaggerating for comic effect. Anyhow, made it down fine - steps seemed to go on forever. Bit of a sweat towards the end, but no real biggie. Went back up via lifts after about half an hour of milling around and all was well. People were saying that the following day \ two days after I'd be suffering and boy were they right. I pretty much had to scrape myself out of bed on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Stairs (up and down) were a serious pain - moving after a period sitting down, equally so. That said, I feel like I've finally recovered and planning a cycle tomorrow - watch this space.

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Matthew James Stanham said...

Ouch! Hope you recovered this weekend.