Monday, 14 September 2009

W8KW2 - Tempo Run

Going to keep this one short as it was a bit of a disaster. Knew I'd struggle to get out for a run on Friday evening, so I set out at lunchtime for this session. Lovely day and the plan was
  • 1 mile easy (10m 43s pace)
  • 4 miles at medium tempo (9m 28s)
  • 1 mile easy
I absolutely messed up the tempo session - started off way too fast, misreading my 8m 10s pace as being about right! Needless to say, one mile in, I'd blown it and that was me done, so called it quits!

Distance: 3.74km
Time: 22m 05s
Pace: 5m 54s per km

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