Tuesday, 1 September 2009

W8KW#1: Intervals

Well, it's the first of September - exactly two calendar months to New York! Pouring rain and getting home late from work this evening had me inclined to stay in, but the reality that I've done little over the last two weeks coupled with the T-2 months mark forced me out the door into the rain.

Last two weeks have been pretty poor training wise, mainly due to me being back in Ireland for the last two weekends. Weather at home has been pretty miserable and the roads around my home place aren't really ideal for running - I'm more likely to get run down by a tractor going at high speed around a blind turn.

So back to the UK today and back to my usual routine. I'd assumed there was 8 weeks left (= 2mths) but just after checking the calendar and there's actually 9! Yippee, an extra weeks training :) I done the Key Workout from week 8 tonight which entailed:
  1. 20 min warmup @ 10m 43s per mile
  2. 1 mile @ 8m 35s per mile + 3 min recovery
  3. 2 miles @ 8m 40s per mile + 4 min recovery
  4. 2 x 800m @ 8m 20s per mile + 1 min recovery
  5. 10 min warmdown
Was slightly slow on the first run (got slightly lost) but averaged 8m 28s per mile on the 2 mile section! Very tough going but got through it! The last set of 800m runs were hell! Calves are a bit tight now, but hopefully should be ok in the morning.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

NY sounds like it must run just about the same time as the Auckland one as I have 9 weeks left too.