Monday, 15 June 2009

Last few days

Haven't done a lot since Wednesday last week, mainly due to my right foot hurting. Got down to the pool on Friday for a 800m swim in 32m 40s, including the first ten laps non-stop. My previous best was eight in a row and it's probably less than a month since I was struggling to do two in a row! Really happy with that progress.

On Sunday, after going into work for a few hours, I got down to the outdoor pool (Jesus Green Lido) here in Cambridge. Why would I go to a cold outdoor pool you might ask? Well click on the above link and you'll see that it's 100yds (or 91m) long. It was a gorgeous day, so it mightn't be that cold anyway. My main problem with it actually is the price - I don't remember the exact charge but think it was £3.80!! Fortunately, if you plan on going there regularly, you can get a season ticket for £83.

I'd been to the pool a few times last year, but one of my main reasons for going yesterday was to test a "theory" that I had. When in the 25m pool, I'm generally fine for the first 25m (fine meaning that I'm breathing ok, every three strokes) but on my second lap I really start to struggle, often breathing every stroke or a mixture - certainly not fishlike. I wanted to test wheter the brief turn-around at 25m was the cause - well based on yesterday's experience, it's not - I'm just as useless turning every 91m! Still enjoyed the session and will get back there a few times over the summer (might need a wetsuit).

Tonight, got out for my first run since Wednesday - was debating going for one yesterday, but foot wasn't quite right yet and my knee was acting up a bit (slightly worrying - never had knee issues before). Didn't have a lot of time, so just done a small lap - 5.5km in 32m 10s. Breathed through my nose for the distance - I'm going to try and keep this up for the slower runs I'm doing.

Over the next few days, I've got to sit down and plan my training runs for the marathon - I've already decided the plan, but need to print out a schedule, hang it up somewhere and stick to it. I guess I also need to have a look into at least one half marathon beforehand as well.

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