Thursday, 7 May 2009

Time for some new rags

I had an occasion to wear my suit recently which is probably a few years old at this point. My mother commented at a family wedding around two years ago that it was too small for me and that I'd need to get a bigger one. That was around the time I'd probably hit my maximum weight (about 126kg).

Last time she saw me in it (October 2008) she remarked on how it fit a lot better (probably around 112kg). She didn't see me at my recent outing, but I'm pretty sure she'd have told me to get a smaller suit this time around. I've got another suit event (actually quite a few over the next few months) in two weeks, so went to the shops at the weekend to get a new one! This losing weight could be a costly business.

Other positives out of this occasion was that I met a few people who I hadn't seen in a while - plenty of positive feedback on my weight-loss.


Andrew is getting fit said...

I've spent a fortune on clothes!

But it's good. ;)

Matthew James Stanham said...

I recently had to swallow my pride and buy a pair of 36" waist jeans... I am looking forward to the day I can buy a pair of 34" again (that said the sizes seem to vary quite a lot... yadayadayada). :D