Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Slow steady progress

Got a 10k next Monday (bank holiday over here) and I've slacked off the running training a little bit. Half the reason is that my ankle is sore for at least a day after football training or games, but otherwise its just laziness.

So tonight I went out for a 10k non-stop run. I hadn't ran properly since the start of the month, but I was at least going to see how far I got. I made sure to start off slowly, again limiting my HR to about the 160bpm mark. Have to say it was tough going in parts. I especially notice that I seem to sag a little in the second quarter, between 3-5km. Just have to think happy thoughts and keep going. Got around in 1hr 7m 34s, which isn't a PB (my best 10k is about 1hr 5m), but its the first time I've done the distance non-stop.

My pace was also faster than the last two hour long runs that I've done, coming down from 7m 12s per km a month ago, to 6m 40s per km tonight. Not bad considering the lack of training on my part over the last few weeks.

I've just been looking back over some of my previous runs and I compared a walk around the block I done last Monday to a similar one (first 4km are the same) that I done near the start of the year. You can definitely see the improvement there, which is good.

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