Thursday, 22 May 2008

Another brick session

Seem to be settling into a Wednesday night Gael Force training session with one of the lads. It suits us as we normally have football training Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays generally don't suit. Mondays from now on might also be an option.

So tonight, we decided to do about an hour cycle followed by a 5km run around the block. To be honest, the cycle was a bit of a disaster tonight. We ended up getting a bit lost, and then got held up twice at the same level crossing which would have cost us at least 5 mins. No word of a lie.

The run on the other hand was good I felt. My training mate is a pretty good runner, so off he went into the distance. I was feeling quite good, which is surprising given I normally feel very jelly-legged after the bike. I'd a quick transition as well, taking less than three minutes to get the bike away, so it'd be similar time to what I'd done before (I'm not one for rushing transitions).

I ran the first two km's ok, but then struggled a bit with the (small) hills on the route, choosing to walk them. That said, I was still making good pace and didn't fall into my usual habit of continuing to stop after my first break. All in all, made it around in a personal best which I was delighted with. Should be interesting to see how my next fresh lap goes...

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