Tuesday, 5 June 2012

C25K: W1R1 - getting back into running

Really need to get back into some form of exercise as my weight is gone 'silly' again (just under 130kg - heavier than I ever was before) and really feeling it. I'm also conscious of our honeymoon in Oct \ Nov which includes the Inca Trail and the altitude is enough to cause trouble there, never mind extra weight and general un-fitness. So I'm back on the C25K plan and done the first workout earlier today (relatively easy - 5 min warmup + 6 x (60s run + 90s walk)). Same again for another two workouts this week, but if I feel good tomorrow, may repeat todays one.


Matthew James Stanham said...

Get to it, dude! I am walking about two hours a day at the moment, which seems to be working out great. Hit 83.4 KG today, down from 87+ a couple of months back, which is back to my "wedding weight".

Eamonn said...

Hey Chris, I've been checking back at irlchris to see if you were starting back to fitness. You've been fit and light before and you will be again. Don't bite off too much. I would say stick to the couch25k plan and don't do extra stuff. If after 6 weeks you've hit every session (I know it starts easy) then you can introduce an extra session or two or a longer session. At the start you want to be able to finish each session feeling good - not overreaching early on. Best of luck. People are watching. Good to have some pressure!

Eamonn said...

It's August. Get back posting!